About Us

Hi there!

We are two friends & piercing lovers that turned our frustration to find the right piercings into an idea; our own piercing and ear jewelry webshop.

Earcraft is our answer for every girl that doesn’t want to be cute. With your own, personally combined earparty, Eacraft gives you a new way in controlling peoples perception, in a subtle and sophisiticated way. It’s all about personal mementos and secret jewels — big, as a statement or so small people might not see them. Cool, simple, with an instant edge.

Earcraft hunts for young designers and brands in ear jewelry and piercings from all over the world. Every piece we sell in this webshop is handmade and we can guarantee you a high quality and long term pleasure of your gold filled / plated or sterling silver ear jewelry. 

Providing a variety of choices is key to our concept, wearing multiple earrings, which differ in shape and material, is the way you can express your own personal style statement. 

If you have any questions, inquiries or feedback please drop us a note and we will be back with you soon: info@earcraft.nl

In the meanwhile, we hope you enjoy creating your own personal earparty.

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