The webshop offers a new concept in the in the jewelry market. Next to earrings, Earcraft offers a wide variety of earpiercings. With this collection, Earcraft has an unique concept that steps into this growing trend in earjewelry.
"Earpiercings are everywhere, but the jewelry often does not match the taste of the new young audience who wear piercings. They are in search of elegant, dainty jewelry. Our quest in finding a piercing that fits our taste, has brought us to the idea of ​​Earcraft”, explains one of the owners Anouk Koops. Next to piercings, Earcraft also offers earrings. All the jewelry is handmade in high quality. "Our frustration in purchasing jewelry that already recolored after a week is one of the reasons to only work with gold filled and sterling silver jewelry. We want to offer jewelry that does not recolor after a short time”, says co-owner Annemarije van Zandwijk.

Handmade Jewelry

The handmade jewelry of Earcraft comes from all over the world. Thanks to close partnerships with the makers, Earcraft aims to carry their own label in the near future. Providing a variety of choices is important for them. "Wearing multiple earrings, which differ in shape and material, is something we see around us a lot. It is a big trend right now." Earcraft responds to this by also offering single items. With this portfolio, Earcraft offers their fans a way to create their own earparty when shopping at the Earcraft platform. With help of the different colours and shapes, both small & dainty but also firm and on trend, they offer different styles to wear. The two girls admit: "We never actually wear two identical items in each ear. Wearing jewelry is a way to express your personal style and that definitely does not have to include symmetry.